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How to work with plus sized curves:

• Don’t cover your curves! Big clothes on big bodies only make you look bigger.
• If one has wide feet, you need to counterbalance with wide heels. A thinner heel only draws attention to your wider foot.
• Dress from the inside out. A well-fitting bra and shapewear will camouflage all lumps and bumps.
• Clothes should skim your body, not cling to it! Think high-waist, wide trousers, and A-line or flared skirts.
• Skirts should end just before or under the kneecap. Your legs will look longer.
• Shorter, fitted jackets will also flatter your legs-and waist.
• Avoid elastic waistbands. They might be comfortable, but they add bulk to your midsection.
• Keep necklines open. A deep V- or scoop neck lengthens your neck.
• A dress with a belt will cinch you in, focusing attention on your smaller waist.
• Dress for the size you are-not what you want to be or once were! Work with what you have! Own it.
DO try skirts that are designed to hit right at knee length, like the plus size pencil skirts. I love the secretary dresses made especially for plus size women. The built-in belt does wonders for creating the hourglass shape by accentuating the waistline!

How to wear Florals

There’s something about floral patterns that reminds you of a simpler time where you didn’t have worries and everything was perfect! Then again, This reminds me of those days when ladies wore long floral dresses that flattered their bodies, well make sure to get a few feminine floral pieces and pair them with ripped skinny jeans to offset the rugged look. It’s a perfect combination!

Short floral dresses are super chic when worn with tights and chunky heels. Vintage style dresses are fantastic. Small, delicate floral prints seem to blend easier with the rest. When its cold outside, throw on a fringe scarf or a light cardigan. Accessorize with a wide belt if you want to dress it up. Or go boho with floppy hat. Floral mini skirts are equally classy too.

Florals frocks are fun and not as difficult to wear as you might think. Keep the florals just with the dress. Accessories should be cool and neutral to balance out the feminine factor.

One thing to remember about floral attire though is that you don’t want to overdo it. Remember, one floral piece is enough, you don’t need to match everything…it’s all about balance and harmony!
Vinatge look

Simple Treasures Consignment

Let’s admit it, we all have many items of clothing we have only worn a handful of times and very often, have never worn at all. Some ladies only like to wear items once, or see an outfit, love it, have to have it, only to get it home and realise that they will never actually wear it. These next to ne…w items are left in our wardrobes with the thinking they might be worn one day but it does not happen.

Well, Simple Treasures has the answer, worry not … your clothes or your kids clothes, that do not fit can be someone else’s treasure. Since we cannot all raid each others closets, looking for these hidden treasures, SIMPLE TREASURES, your consignment clothing retailer will give your clothing a second life while making you money at the same time.


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Sexy Maternity Dress

Hey all you pregnant fashionistas out there! Check out this sexy red maternity dress that has recently come into stock. Hurry, hurry and snap this one one up before its gone from our racks. Its a steal at only Ksh. 1,999

Item ID: 100856

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