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How to wear Florals

There’s something about floral patterns that reminds you of a simpler time where you didn’t have worries and everything was perfect! Then again, This reminds me of those days when ladies wore long floral dresses that flattered their bodies, well make sure to get a few feminine floral pieces and pair them with ripped skinny jeans to offset the rugged look. It’s a perfect combination!

Short floral dresses are super chic when worn with tights and chunky heels. Vintage style dresses are fantastic. Small, delicate floral prints seem to blend easier with the rest. When its cold outside, throw on a fringe scarf or a light cardigan. Accessorize with a wide belt if you want to dress it up. Or go boho with floppy hat. Floral mini skirts are equally classy too.

Florals frocks are fun and not as difficult to wear as you might think. Keep the florals just with the dress. Accessories should be cool and neutral to balance out the feminine factor.

One thing to remember about floral attire though is that you don’t want to overdo it. Remember, one floral piece is enough, you don’t need to match everything…it’s all about balance and harmony!
Vinatge look


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  1. * lydiah says:

    the floral dress looks lovely,kindly i would be intrested in floral dresses for plus size women with bigger hips

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 7 months ago

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