Simple Treasures…Kenya's consignment clothing boutique


Based in South B, on Sore Drive, Simple Treasures specialises in selling your gently- used and of high-quality clothing.

Simple Treasures caters for Ladies and children’s clothing.. It defines a woman with a penchant “definite liking” for shopping and a natural flair for combining both current and vintage fashionable trends. You’ll find plenty of bargains and unique one-of-a-kind treasures.

We regularly consign and sell women’s clothing that are gently- used and of high- quality.

Simple Treasures offer your best bet for finding quality Women and kid’s clothes at more than decent prices.

Let’s admit it, we all have many items of clothing we have only worn a handful of times and very often never worn at all. Some ladies only like to wear items once or maybe when you see an outfit, love it, have to have it, only to get it home and realise that you will never actually wear it. We leave all these unwanted next to new items in our wardrobes thinking “We might wear that one day” until eventually we don’t!

Simple treasures can collect the items from you for free within a radius of 15km from Cbd, and then sell the items for you. All you need to do is sort out the items and put them to one side for us, and that’s it. we do the rest. The items are photographed on a mannequin and uploaded onto the site, for those who will not be able to come to the store.

It is very important that the items you want to sell are in excellent saleable condition, all buttons present, clean etc. If in doubt, ask yourself or your sisters if they can buy such an item, if not then the chances are no one will want to buy it. You are welcome to suggest the selling price; however, if we think it is unachievable we will discuss and come to an agreement on how much to sell it.

There are no restrictions on how many items a client can give me to sell; you are also welcome to buy items that have been consigned by others.

How Does it Work?

  • SIMPLE TREASURES will collect your clothing after you have gone through your closet and identified the clothes that you wish to consign. Clothes to be consigned must be clean, in superb condition and not stained or torn. Our No. 1 rule is that we only offer our customers quality merchandiseā€¦at very pocket-friendly prices!
  • We will agree on a retail price for each item (usually 30% of the retail price that you paid for the item). SIMPLE TREASURES will then place your items for sale for a period of not more than 90days
  • SIMPLE TREASURES will markdown prices every 30days if the item remains unsold until it is bought. You will then receive 60% of the sale price of the item which you will presumably use to buy something that will actually get to wear and look stunning in.
  • After 90days, you may take back your items if they remain unsold but you may also choose to request SIMPLE TREASURES to donate the clothing to those in need.
  • You are encouraged to also browse through the merchandise brought in by our other consignors. You never know what delightful treasures you may stumble upon.

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