Simple Treasures…Kenya's consignment clothing boutique

How To Consign

How to consign guide

  1. CONFIRM the type of merchandise/items Simple Treasures deals with.
  2. PREPARE your items by laundering or dry cleaning the garments, eliminating those with stains, missing buttons, broken zippers and moth holes.
  3. BRING your items in on hangers (optional) between 10:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday – Friday or by appointment on Saturday and Simple Treasures will do the rest!.
  4. Call us to collect if you cannot make it to deliver personally.
    We accept ladies professional, casual and social wear, shoes etc and kids wear

Take a Good Look

Then, take a good look at each item you’re considering for consignment and ask yourself, “Why am I interested in consigning this item?”

If the answer is, “It’s a beautiful garment and I love it, BUT…”

  • it will never fit me again.
  • it’s just not my color
  • my lifestyle has changed and I’ll never wear it again
  • I’ve had it for a while and the tags are still on it
  • it was an impulse buy and just isn’t ‘me’……..Then Simple treasures will help you re-sell it.

You’re on the right track! Keep going!

  • it’s more than 3 years old.
  • it’s worn out
  • it needs repair
  • it looks dated or out of style
  • it’s not very good quality
  • I just want all this old stuff out of my closet

STOP!! Shoppers would feel the same way you do about these things so it’s unlikely Simple Treasures will accept them. You might consider making a charitable donation of these garments.

Preparing Your Garments

Clean, well pressed and fragrance free sells the best! The cleanliness and appearance of your garments is crucial. All garments must be freshly dry cleaned or laundered, fragrance free, pressed and on hangers (optional) to be accepted!

  • soil/stains especially around collars, cuffs, underarms and in crotch areas.
  • missing/loose buttons and closures
  • torn/stained linings
  • moth holes
  • faded or uneven colors

If you see anything that does not appear to be correctable – STOP! Again, making a charitable donation of those garments might be appropriate.

Fashionistas..for more information about how you can benefit from this great service and for any enquiries or to discuss your individual needs, please contact us.


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